kolmapäev, 20. jaanuar 2010

tonight's bedtime story

M*** S**** says (3:12):
killer robots from Mars invaded the backwards clock kingdom of Estonedia ruled by the beautiful Princess Trixi
she surely needed help from a Prince of a far off kingdom, who sent vast legions to help in her struggle
I'm running into dead ends
the robots got wind of this however and sent another army of vampire ducks to Estonedia to counteract the threat
Luckily the Prince was wise and had trained a group of monkey assassins to take out the ducks
and so they marched on and the epic battle began
between the joint forces of Estonedia and Ireland against the robots of Mars and the interesting sub battle of the vampire ducks vs the monkey assassins
oh and the ninja cowboys of course. Suffice to say, it was much too epic to put into words
but the Prince finally gained the upper hand, stabbed the evil Robot King, Golock with his sword of truth in an epic duel and won the day
he then moved in with the Princess and everyone lived happily ever after
oh yeah...

4 kommentaari:

  1. Ireland?

    Nice story...nighty-night!=)

  2. Nojah, tüüp ise on iirlane. Ma pidin igatahes naerukrambid saama.

    Aga tõesti, nighty-night!

  3. awesome story :PP
    kahju ainult et ducky´d vaenlase poole peal on :( seepärast sa oma ducky´d sahtlisse peitsidki we?

  4. Minu pardid on kõik sahtlis, sest muidu mängiks mõni must karvakera nendega.